A selection of testimonials from people attending the courses.

“Didn’t know what to expect but touched a deep spot in a way that was thoughtful, creative & relaxed. Jennie is generous with materials & resources & delicious food. There is no right or wrong way to complete the tasks, timing relaxed, atmosphere trusting. Thought provoking, but not prescriptive & enjoyable, great to have the permission to colour, paint, glue…”

“Today was an incredible experience. I came to get a deeper understanding of what Art Therapy entails – I have found out so much more about myself than I knew was possible. I was given the opportunity to explore my feelings in my own way & reflect on how my art work made me feel. There was a calm, loving environment, in which I felt happy to open up to Jennie & others in the group. I would recommend this course to others & it has confirmed I am making the right decision by pursuing a career within Art Therapy.”

“What a wonderful day, and what a beautiful setting. I loved the journey – discovering ways to access and express feelings through art. Jennie creates a safe, nurturing space for everyone to be as free as we need to be, with gentle positive suggestions if needed. I feel replenished – and hope Jennie will be doing more of these workshops – just fantastic.”

“Dear Jennie, this day was happy & content. I was able to allow the image of mother & child connecting through eye contact to arrive. Then I was helped to express that in so many ways, but without expectation and with you being directive of my creative inclination. I have a lovely moment to take home with me & cherish, more for what it represents than for its actual existance. You are so kind & thoughtful, I love being in your presence, I feel very validated when I am around you & I know from personal experience that you do the same for so many others.

“Dear Jennie, just had to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. I really loved working in oils and I felt that we learnt a lot and it was lovely to come away with two pieces of work that I felt quite proud of. The lunch was absolutely delicious and it was just such a lovely day. We even had the red arrows!! Thank you for your excellent tuition.”